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Did not receive monthly credit for our trade-ins


    We pre-ordered two iphone 7 plus in September 2016 and they came in October 1, 2016.  We sent back iphone 5 and iphone 6 as trade in got the initial credit of $45 and $165 (respectively) and never seen the monthly promotional credit of $14.79 or $20.21 as advertised.

    Please note: $14.79 is calculated as $355(promotional offer) divided 24 month and $20.21 is calculated as $485(promotional offer) divided by 24 months.


    When I called in 2016 the representative said it takes 2 billing cycles to receive the monthly credit so we waited patiently.  February 2017 is already the 4th billing cycle and still no monthly credits.  I have read on this discussion forum that many people are in the same boat as us so we suspect that this might be a way for T-mobile to scam their customers. 


    The only thing we heard back from T-mobile after numerous calls and follow ups are texts saying we are eligible for the monthly credits and that they are having system technical issues.   At this point, we are still not sure when we will start receiving the credits so buyers be aware.

    Ever since we switched from AT & T to T-mobile, I have been calling every month to correct bills.  I even have to call in for auto-debit discount for each line 3 months straight.   So disappointed with the service and false advertisement.  

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