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    I think we should give out one free sim

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      • tmo_marissa

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        That's great feedback king2256.  Currently we do provide free SIM cards when a troubleshooting scenario points to a defective SIM as a potential culprit, but otherwise they have a cost associated.  We occasionally run promotions where the charges for a SIM are waived (like with a new line, for instance), but not always.  Was there a specific scenario you were thinking of?  I'm happy to forward your suggestion!


        - Marissa

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          As stated, if you have a troubleshooting issue that points to a defective SIM, I can see T-Mobile replacing it for free.  But, if you just lost it, or damaged it yourself, I can see there being a charge for that.  There might be other instances like taking a nano SIM and having to use the 3-size card adapter to make it fit in a phone that uses a micro SIM....if that adapter frame broke, maybe the SIM or the adapter could be replaced once.

          • bernardv

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            They already do!  Free sim cards are available here: Nano SIM Cards for All Devices

              • tidbits

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                AT&T only if you activating a new line, and also there is an activation fee for that line.  Not really free if you think about it.  T-Mobile charges for the sim but doesn't charge to activate the line. 


                *No-annual-contract pricing new activation and qualifying monthly voice plan See offer req's.


                If you are troubleshooting the sims are free for all carriers, but they don't freely give out sims without activation.

                  • bernardv

                    Re: Free sim card

                    I went to the T-Mobile store in Palo Alto as new customer with a brand new LG phone sealed in box in hand and they refused to take the blank T-mobile SIM card that was provided in the box with that phone.  They sold me a totally identical SIM card instead.  They said the price for that SIM card was basically an activation fee.  Not only that, but they did not give me back the blank SIM card that was provided with my phone and put it into their stack of SIM cards.

                • drnewcomb2

                  Re: Free sim card

                  I wouldn't ask for a free SIM but I'd like to see the SIM99 special again. When you travel overseas, it's a good idea to carry a spare unactivated SIM. That way, if something goes wrong, your phone gets lost or stolen, etc. you have a SIM immediately available to fall back on.  I think the current $25 for a SIM is ridiculously over-priced.