SD Card and Battery issues - Restore failing


    Galaxy S7 Edge


    Ive been having issues with my SD card mounting and unmounting several times per hour , even when the phone is charging and im asleep.  This results in failed downloads of podcasts etc as well as many other issues (photos saved randomly to device or sd card etc) it happened with 2 different SD cards.  Coupled with this my battery life is dropping off a cliff.


    to try to resolve this today i went to do a factory reset and got the following error : 

    E:failed to mount /preload (no such file or directory)


    I googled this and all the results point to a corrupt rom , however it seems pretty weird to me as I have never rooted , or attempted to root my phone. 


    Could this corrupt image be part of my issue ?   What should i do as next steps ? 




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