Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling


    I read in the forums that this should work fine.

    It doesn't work for our son's phone.

    The regular tmobile customer service rep told me it should work great.

    the tech support guy said it isn;t supported.

    Of course tmobile is the main carrier for Google Project fi where the 6P is one of the 3 accepted phones....

    what's the truth? how do we get it to work?

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      • gramps28

        Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

        My Nexus 5X has wifi calling and it's the smaller version of the 6P.


        If you go to settings , more, then select wifi calling preferred it will connect.for wifi calling.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

          Hey there!


          Just wanted to check in and ask, have you tried the suggestion above? Please let us know if you were able to get this working.


          Thank you!

          • tidbits

            Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

            Depends what has the strongest signal dictates which carrier you are killing n with Project Fi. For example at my house it's T-Mobile. When I go to my cousin's house it's Sprint.

            • dragon1562

              Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

              i own a nexus 6p and can confirm that it should work. When you first set it up though it should ask you to fill out some emergency info in the even a 911 call needs to be made. Also something i would do is make sure that wifi calling is actually added as a feature under the account.


              Also i would try doing a network settings reset. Don't worry you won't lose anything on the device from doing this other then having to enter your wifi password again.

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              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

                Hey nosignaldave!  How is everything going with your son's Nexus 6P?  Did you have a chance to test out the suggestions that dragon1562 gave?  I'm wondering if there may be a point made here about the "unsupported" error message - have you guys been able to test the phone with a different WiFi network?
                If you were able to solve this, we'd love to know how in case future users bump into the same issue!  Thank you for any update you have a moment to provide. 


                - Marissa

                • magenta2935151

                  Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

                  For me I had Project Find on the phone before TMobile and whatever their app and sim does to setup this phone made it impossible to get VoLTE and WiFi calling working.  So being the nerd I am I did not give up knowing it should work.  First thing I did was factory reset the phone that did not work. After that I reflashed the Android system with the original version from Googles site and for good measure I also picked up a new sim card. I then setup the phone without the sim let it update back to the current Android version then factory reset again turned it off inserted the new SIM and started it up. After that the VoLTE and WiFi calling worked.  Also disabled the Project Find app so it did not interfere again. Now I have just updated to Oreo 8.1 and when I first booted it up I seen video calling in the settings right next to WiFi calling and the setting stayed there for a day the next day it was gone. So I went into the testing menu 4636 and the video calling is now grayed out as provisioned and there is a new toggle called EAB presence provisioned but also disabled.  Is TMobile finally going to allow the Google profile for RCS??  I hope so since you guys said you where doing so in 2015!  I would says it's about time.

                  • yokohama1970

                    Re: Nexus 6p and tmobile wifi calling

                    Works fine while at home. Voice quality is excellent. Has been solid for almost a year. Once I enabled the feature. Works with Android 7.1.1, 8.0.1 & 8.1.0. Currently on Angler 8.1.0