WiFi calling on duplicate SIM


    I am getting REG99 - Unable to register when I try to activate WiFi calling on duplicate sim. Was anyone able to make it work? Or does WiFi calling gets enabled only on primary SIM card?

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: WiFi calling on duplicate SIM

        I think I just tried it, and it worked.


        Old MyTouch 4G phone (which has my duplicate SIM in it) has a setting for 'internet calling', which I enabled.


        I was then able to make a call to myself on an even older TREO with a 'regular' SIM in it.


        I don't see any indicators to tell me how the call went through.


        Since I have been unable to call out from a phone with the duplicate SIM at all until today, I'm pretty excited about that!

        • tmo_evan

          Re: WiFi calling on duplicate SIM

          What phone are you trying to use this on?   Are you still seeing the issue?

          It could also be that you might be missing your e911 address on the line, but that might be a long shot.