how to get and pay my bill after leaving


    i moved to eastern Tennessee and unfortunately had to move to Verizon after 11 years with tmobile,what a nightmare, verizon is like dealing with Comcast. the switch took about 15 calls several transfers that wound up getting me disconnect,. im not sure whats worse, the Americans at verizon who dont care about their job, or the foreign. non English speaking call centers tmobile uses now, it took over 7 hours of my time to get switched over. now that im ported over, i have no way to log in and see my bill or pay it. i would like access to my account for historical purposes too. 

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        Re: how to get and pay my bill after leaving

        Hey jeffdemilio,


        I am sorry to hear that you had to leave us but I understand that you need to have coverage at your new location. When you cancel/port out your number with us, the online account is deactivated so you can no longer access it. We will send the final bill to the billing address we had on file when you ported out. If you moved and set a forwarding address with the post office, that final bill will be sent to your new address. To pay the bill, you can either visit a T-Mobile store or give us a call at 1-877-453-1304