When making calls from links in other apps my digits no. Isn't available


    l drive for uber using a data only iPad mini to receive ride requests and navigate. When a request comes in the clients phone no is imbeded. when I tap it to call, it dials the data only number which goes no where. How do I make my digits no. The main no. On a data only iPad?

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      • Hello jonymac


        First, I appreciate you participating in the trial and reaching out to us regarding the DIGITs.


        From what I'm understanding in your question, you would have to copy and paste the embedded number into the DIGITs app dialer. With iOS (and many but not all non-iOS devices) you cannot make the call from the virtual number through the native dialer. Some android phones do have DIGITs built in, so they are capable, and we are working with the OEMs to incorporate this into more devices. I don't know if/when it will be available on iOS, let alone iPads/tablets that don't typically support phone calls.

        • kirktav

          I have the same issue on my Oneplus3.  When I select a phone number on a website or in an email etc.  it only shows my default number, can't select which line to call from.  Digits doesn't even know I called out.  If I copy the number it will not let me paste the number into the DIGIT app.  no way to paste any number.  How in the heck to they expect us to call someone using the Digits dialer?


          One plus 3 Android 7.0 

          Digits v1.0.136

            • kirktav

              This is still an issue and its killing me.  I cannot select a phone number from a email or a web page and have the choice to call using digits.  Then if I copy the number, open up digits, select a line, I can't paste the number.  WHY CAN"T I PASTE A NUMBER ??????????


              This could be great offering, but the user interface sucks so bad.


              Here are other issues I have come across that the app falls short.


              1. I receive a text from someone not in my contacts, I text them back and then decide I want to call them.  from the message page, I cannot place a call to the person I am chatting with unless they are a contact.  I do not want to make them a contact so how can I call them from the main list of messages?  IF I hold my finger down on the picture person, it lets me delete it only.


              2.  Why can't I have separate contact lists per line?


              3. Can you make digits the phone default?  I get duplicate text messages on the primary number