Getting the ZTE Zmax Pro up to working conditions

    I know there is no known timeline for updates for this low-tier phone, but having something to go on would be nice in the way of info regarding progress to repair issues that hinder everyday operations.


    screen glitches

    random freezing

    missing predictive text

    failed SMS send/receive

    MMS unable to send/receive without disabling WiFi

    slow fingerprint reader

    random RCS vs SMS

    phone mutes itself when notifications come in while on a call (must hang up and call back)

    will not set up with "nearby device" (LG G4)


    I have used the same SIM in my LG G4 and both the phone and the card work fine.  This issue is the ZTE, not the LG nor the SIM nor the network.  Phone has been FDR several times.






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      • theartiszan

        That is really weird. Don't have this device do I don't have any point of reference. When you did the master reset did you test it without the SD card or restoring any applications? I'm wondering if the is something conflicting. Ultimately it is up to the manufacturer to release updates to resolve problems with the phone. Carriers can only report what the users experience for the manufacturer to research develop test as release a fix for. Being a lower end manufacturer I would be shocked if it got updated version of Android. Might be worth asking the manufacturer.

          • No SD card, no backup, so no restoration.  Might have been T-Mobile who paused the update for the T-Mo ZMP since the Metro ZMP update was having issues.  Not too sure about lower-tier phone manufacturer, but yeah 9th in the world is not the best I guess.  I'm sure the 7.0 update this month or next will clear a lot of it up.  The ZMP is on the update list, just not on T-Mobile's list yet.  But then, T-Mobile's updates and software versions page has been a few behind on a lot of devices for a while now.  Being a stock Android iteration, I wouldn't think it to be that drawn out of a process.  No worries, the ZMP is just a backup phone for the LG G4.