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how can i can duplicate sim cards for my other devices


    how can i can duplicate sim cards for my other devices

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      • tmo_evan

        Can you tell us what you're trying to do?   That will help us answer what exactly you're trying to accomplish.


        • tmo_chris

          Hey lcchan,


          I just wanted to check in with you to see if you were able to get your duplicate SIM card. Just so you are aware, the duplicate SIM card is only needed if you have a device that does not support the DIGITS app like a flip phone. If you need a duplicate SIM card for a device, we will send one out to you when you elect to test a device that would need a physical sim card. You can check your confirmation emails for instructions on how to use DIGITS with each device you elected to test.

            • lcchan

              Hi tmo_chrisl,


              Merry Christmas!


              I received the duplicate sim but it did take me hours and many different setup to get it to the current state. I called the customer rep, technical support, went to stores but they all could not give me any solid answers, and finally I got it setup (after many hours trials).

              Here is what I end up with (and it's working for me):


              On the tmobile phone (phone 1): on the digits app, the sim line is not active, my new number (virtual #) is active. This way, my sms will go to the phone message, other it will only show up in digits (not what I want).

              On the spared phone (phone 2): install the duplicate sim, on the digits app, the virtual line # is active, my sim line still not active.

              When some one called my main #, all phones ring.

              When someone called my virtual #, all phones ring.

              When someone sms me on main phone #, the sms go to message (not digits).

              On phone 2, with wifi on, you don't need the sim card, but with the sim card installed, but no wifi, I am still getting call and sms. Otherwise, my Google voive or hangouts will do just fine. The duplicate sim card really remove the wifi barrier.

              Since I don't have unlimted data, I will have to monitor the phones to make sure the data under the cap with all these testing.


              The system is not complicated, but need some fine tunning and is not ready for prim time (for evryone yet).

            • azdreamscape

              Good Job Icchan!

              Nice to hear you got it working.


              No, it's definitely not ready for prime time,yet...that's what we are here for...ironing out the kinks.


              Performance has improved considerably over the last weeks, so I'm confident we will succeed!