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    anyone no why i get a duplicate text thru the stock msger when i have google msger as the default

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: duplicate text

        Do you have your stock messengers setting set to not provide notifications? On many devices, even if you choose Google Messenger as a default, you will still receive messages through the stock until you disable the notifications.



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: duplicate text

          Hey bunk!


          Are you still getting duplicate messages? If so, Lauren provided some helpful steps to see if we can stop this from happening.

            • bunk

              Re: duplicate text

              i have my setting set up like they said in the other threads but when i get a call and i answer it on my phone it shows on my watch as a missed call and for msges if i see the msg on my phone it wont clear on my watch i have to go to the watch and clear the notification

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: duplicate text

                  Thanks for clarifying! At this time, all calls and messages go to both SIMs (ESIM in your case), the notifications for calls and messages are each locally controlled by the device so they will display as unread or missed until you view them on the device itself.


                  I know this is not optimal as you would not want to come back to a particular device and see 85 unread messages and 12 missed calls because you did in fact read and answer them on the other device. This is something that we are aware of and will be working to address

              • tmo_marissa

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