Verify payment has been cleared: T-mobile Payment versus Collections.


    Since my closed account was sent to collections, I sent a final payment to T-mobile's payment address at P.O. BOX 660252; Dallas, TX 75266 & not to their collections address. I had also included a letter requesting T-Mobile to confirm that my payment has been paid in full. A week later, I received an invoice from a different collections agency demanding to make a payment to them. In other words T-MOBILE DID NOT RESPOND to the letter I sent along with my final payment.  So what happened to my payment that I had sent to the T-mobile payment address stated above?   T-Mobile loves scamming customers!!!

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      • stevetjr

        They are not scamming you.  When a company sends an account to collections in most cases they sell that debt to the collection agency and accept some contractual amount.  So they may not be able to even see the debt at their standard payment address.  That's why when an account is in collections that you need to send it to the address they specify.


        How did you send the payment in? If it was a check was it cashed?? If so then you can send a copy of that to the debt collector and they can get it from T-Mobile because the info on the back will show that it was indeed cashed by T-Mobile. If it was a cashiers check you should have a receipt for it and your bank can still get a copy of it. 

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi kiheitek100.  I wish I'd had the opportunity to address this concern when we were in touch on your previous thread!  I'm definitely glad to hear you sent in this payment - but the payment processing address isn't a correspondence address.  I'll send you a PM in a moment with an address where you can request a copy of a revised final statement showing your $0 balance, you can check your inbox here.  I'm glad that you used a money order, as those clear much faster than personal checks.  Once the funds clear, we provide them to the outside agency within a few business days, although it can take time on their side for them to apply the funds as well - so if you want a copy of a statement showing that you owe no balance, then please feel free to contact us at the address that I'm sending you and we'll be happy to furnish it.  That way you will have a statement you can provide to that agency if you like.  We don't have account access in this forum, however, in the interim of course you're welcome to Contact Us and we'll be happy to confirm your account balance over the phone if that would provide additional peace of mind!


          - Marissa