Why does T-mobile charging me monthly for iphone that i didnt bought to Tmobile. I got my iphone directly to an Apple store. Need help please!.


    I bought an iphone 6s last year (sept,2015) directly to Apple store. I applied for the Apple Upgrade Program, which you can upgrade yearly. But when i was checking my billing statement, i noticed that T mobile is charging me for another phone that i didn't bought to them to Tmobile. It has the same IMEI that i bought directly to the Apple store, but I dont get any phone from Tmobile. Right now I have an Iphone 7 plus that i also got to the Apple store directly, got it through the Apple Upgrade Program. And still Tmobile i charging me for the Iphone 6s that i already traded in to the Apple store. Please help me! I need to know what should i do. I already talk to customer service. And went to my local Tmobile store. Please help me what to do!

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