glassgate has begun. why every device how new gets bludgeoned by media


    not even public released v20 as i own now, is already being bashed for cracked camera lens protective cover.its disturbing. ALL BECAUSE someone did scratch test, and showed it cracked. in youtube.if you notice the frames of video skipped as the assumed LENS cracked while looking at it. wheres the joke in this new note 7 like bashing.first off GET A CASE, second off, dont drop on concrete with force, and dont assume led flaslight causes heat. its led. FIRST THE attack note 7, now lg v20. give me any device, no matter what it is, i will make it crack. PLEASE PLEASE, dont let the bashers deny your owning one. FYI..........LOOK FOR DROP TEST IN YOUTUBE and you will see it survived drops alot.

    below is reality, and the scratch test was by force and will not post.i am not the defender of all things mobile, but vying for peace.drop test done without CASE.

    LG V20 Drop Test - YouTube