iPad said I had no data left on plan until I restarted it.


    I have an iPad Air 2 with an Apple Sim card.  It is running iOS 10.0.1 with the T-Mobile 24.2 carrier update.


    I subscribe to the free 200 MB a month plan since I don't really use data on it.  Today I noticed that it was no longer had a cellular connection.  The only option was to "Add Data" in the Cellular Data section.  The thing is when I tapped "Add data" it said I still had 105 MB left which made sense since I've only used around 92 MB.


    I tried toggling airplane mode, but nothing got it out of the state thinking I had no data left until I restarted the iPad.  I've never seen that before.  Is this a bug in iOS 10.0.1 or something?

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