will the Alcatel Fierce XL get the windows 10 anniversary update?


    will the Alcatel Fierce XL get the Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        No news as of now. It doesn't look like it's on the software update page, so if an update is coming, it's not started yet or is pretty dark! Software updates



          • tomm

            The Anniversary Edition has been showing up in my available updates starting a couple weeks ago.  I installed it, but there are issues:


            - Unable to get into All Settings

            - Unable to get into VPN

            - Cortana started failing - it would look like it was loading, and then exit


            I worked with Support, they sent me instructions which I thought would roll me back, but instead, the procedure reset the OS.  All my setup and personalizations were discarded, and in the end, I still couldn't get into the All Settings tile - so now I had no security on the phone.


            Another call to Support - their only solution was to replace the phone - a roll back couldn't be side-loaded.


            Got the replacement phone yesterday, and the Anniversary Edition was downloading by the time I got home!  It is now a reset away from being broken again.


            SO WHAT GIVES!?!

              • tmo_lauren

                Unfortunately Alcatel doesn't offer us a rollback option we can provide


                We don't have a lot of options to provide otherwise. What we can do is have our side reach out to the Microsoft developers and make them aware of the issue in hopes of a sooner update, but we don't typically get a lot of the feedback from them the way we do other OS, so I am not sure how much it will do.



                  • tomm

                    Thanks for the quick feedback.


                    Out of curiosity - who controls the "update pipe" for T-Mobile devices?  T-Mobile or Microsoft?


                    BTW, I did log the issue to the Insider Program, which I do participate in for a couple of my desktops.  The Win 10 AE is a meaningful update - looking forward to it being fully supported on this device.

                      • tmo_lauren

                        Absolutely! I wish I could have given you something more helpful.


                        That's a great question! It's a little of column A, mostly column B. There are some things the manufacturer has to collaborate withhalm us as T-Mobile on like Wi-Fi calling, T-Mobile proprietary apps, etc., but for the most part and outside of that, it's Microsoft.


                        Fingers crossed for the support coming soon!