Network Connection & Streaming issues


    Is anyone else experiencing fairly constant and annoying network adapter & streaming issues with their LG G4 since the latest update?


    I just applied H81120o and since then I can't stream much at all, LTE or WiFi, doesn't matter.  The stream will just lock up and there's no getting past it.  I'm full unlimited coverage, btw.  Also, before the update, streaming wasn't an issue.  At all.  Additionally, I'm getting rapid LTE coverage deterioration for no reason.  If I kick the connection by cycling airplane mode, I'll jump up to 4 or 5 bars, then it'll dwindle to 1 or 2 crippling any apps requiring connections.  This is in areas that a week ago had no connection issues whatsoever.


    Oh, another connectivity issue with this update is that it seems to have addressed a recurring issue developers have had when pushing updates to this unit:  The bluetooth connections on the update before this one (and on the original release) were easily broken forcing regular re-connects of the service.  Now that problem has been addressed, but has been replaced by this frustration.


    I'm going to roll back my system to factory & then let H81120o re-apply before any Apps are loaded.  I'll follow up with my results.

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