Trade-In Device Was Stolen By an EMPLOYEE


    I'm here really just to spread the news and get feedback on how to move forward.


    About a year ago, I visited a t-mobile location in Clearwater, FL. At the time I was a Sprint customer and was having awful reception in my apartment, so I was interested in making a change.


    I spoke with a very persuading salesman and he convinced me to take advantage of the carrier freedom program and switch from Sprint to t-mobile.


    The entire thing was such a process. I paid somewhere around $100.00 down to start paying on my new device and traded in my almost brand new LG G3 32GB for my new 16GB iPhone. Clearly, didn't know what I was getting myself into with mistake number 1.


    Then, the salesman Florian Litum told me to complete my set up for the carrier freedom, all I needed to do was walk over to the Sprint kiosk, conveniently located right next to t-mobile and get my account number so that he could set everything up for my reimbursement.


    I gave him the information he needed and went on my way. New phone set up, everything was taken care of, or so I thought...


    About 6 months later, I get a call from a collections agency who stated I owed Sprint $600.00, to which I replied, no, t-mobile was supposed to take care of that.


    The collector mentioned something about receiving some type of card that they were supposed to send me and then I call in to pay Sprint.


    I called T-mobile to ask why i never received said card and they let me know that an enrollment to the program was never completed.

    The customer service representative kindly explained the process of sending my final bill in and then receiving the reimbursement.


    I sent over my paperwork from Sprint and put on my fax, if there are any issues, please contact me at my phone (that I provided on the information).


    3 weeks go by and I have not received a call back, so I decide to call them and check the status. The representative informed me that my claim was denied. 


    I asked why and she said the reason was because I didn't trade-in a device. To which I of course replied, oh yes I did. I traded in my LG G3. She asked if she could place me on a brief hold, that I allowed.


    Once the representative came back on the line she informed me that she would be sending the reimbursement in the amount of 217.00. I questioned why it was so low, but was given some run around response that I did not understand. I was in a rush to get back to work so we ended the call.


    Later that day I called back. I owe Sprint 600.00 and 217.00 is NOT acceptable. The new rep. that I spoke with again told me that there was no device on file and that was the reason for the amount. I AGAIN explained to this rep. that I did in fact trade in a device and after about 45 minutes on the phone with her, she said she really cared about this and was going to send me an e-mail to which I would respond to with the last copy of my Sprint bill (that was already sent in) and we ended that call.


    She never sent an e-mail.


    After many back and forth phone calls with no help, I decided to go down to the T-mobile store where I met Catas and ran into a woman who used to work with Florian named Yazzmarie.


    When I saw Yazzmarie, I said, please tell me you remember me. She did not. I explained how I had been in the store last year and how Florian "helped me with the purchase of my new phone" and I mentioned to her, now T-mobile is saying I didn't trade in a device.


    Yazzmarie looked directly to another co-worker and she "oh no she got Flo'ed".


    Come to find out, this employee was caught doing this to "many" other customers "along with other things" (these "things" were not disclosed to me).


    The manager Catas then asked me to once again get a bill from Sprint and bring it back in.


    Once I got to Sprint, they were not able to give me an itemized bill due to the fact it had now been a year since I was their customer.


    I contacted the customer care line once again and this time they contacted the store for me. Got in touch with Catas and she told the customer care team that she was already doing an investigation and would call me next week.


    Well that week came and went and Catas never called. I called the store and was told she would not be back in the office for several days.


    On the day that she was meant to return I spoke with a manager named Kyle (I believe) and he told me she would not be in until 1pm.

    I called back at 3pm and Kyle answered again and then told me Catas was not expected to come in today.


    So now my phone has been stolen, my phone with my banking information, all of my social media accounts and all of my photos has been stolen, my credit is being damaged, and I've spent plenty of time on hold and driving from Tampa to the Countryside mall in Clearwater to deal with this, no employee on the store level or even the customer care line is willing to actually help. I always hear, we have to look in to this and call you back, with no call back or my personal favorite last night 07/14/2016, after a representative told me she "would be pissed" if this happened to her hung up on me and didn't call back.

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