20 years and I've never changed cell phone companies


    Approximately 20 years ago I got my 1st cell phone with a small regional carrier in Georgia named Powertel. A couple years later they were acquired by Voicestream which eventually became T-mobile. In all that time,  I never changed carriers as my service migrated from one provider to the next. When Voicestream became T-mobile I was not the least familiar with the company or impressed with their very spotty coverage. What kept me as a customer was T-mobile's incredible customer support. Every time I dealt with them I was left overwhelmed at the level of service they provided. They were easy to reach and always resolved any issues in an outstanding cheerful manner.  Over the years, I've watched T-mobile's signal quality improve dramatically, much to my relief. I'd like to tip my hat to the customer service people and encourage them to keep it going. You were the only reason I remained a customer during those early years.