No sound except with headphones.


    I just replaced my old style with another after an accident this past winter. My new one has been working perfectly up until about a week ago. At first I just thought my headphones were buggy because the sound would flicker in and out while using them. But this morning I was watching Netflix without headphones and the sound just stopped in the middle of a movie. I tried turning my phone off and on. I tried cleaning out the earphone jack in case it for some reason thought the headphones were in. I've turned up all the sound on my phone to see if I could get anything to work but it doesn't. I CAN hear people when I call them so I'm not entirely sure why it's just not projecting the sound anymore. For the moment I can hear through headphones so it's not TOO big of a rush but I won't be able to hear incoming calls or texts from work if it doesn't get fixed. Also as my phone is my alarm clock I need that as well.

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