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    I received a iPad Air 2 and it has wifi only, not the wifi and cellular. Would I be able to go into T-Mobile and add this iPad Air 2 to my current plans and use it anywhere? Example: I'm out at a park and I want to go on a site that requires 4G since I wouldn't be connected to my home internet, I would need some type of data plan, correct?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: iPad Air 2

        You can't "add it to your plan" because it's WiFi Only.

        If it doesn't have cellular, you can't use it as a cellular standalone device.


        That said, if your phone supports it, you should be able to turn it into a Smartphone Mobile Hot Spot (SMHS), which creates a WiFi / Internet access point you can connect your iPad to

        • matesny

          Re: iPad Air 2

          You need not add a WiFi only device to our T-Mobile account. T-Mobile does not provide a (widely available) WiFi network. You can share your phone's internet by turning on tethering (mobile hotspot) as smplyunprdctble suggested. Parks usually have Cable WiFi, if you are a cable subscriber, you should have your internet at most outdoor public places. I am a Cablevision subscriber and I use much more WiFi data on my phone that I do LTE data while I am outdoors.