My Galaxy Note 5 shows: Security Error: unauthorized software has been flashed to phone and it is locked. I took it to T-Mobile store and they messed it up so that now my google account doesn't even register that I have a phone. Is there any way to fix th


    Yesterday out of nowhere I began to receive the Security Error: Unauthorized Software has been flashed and the account is locked. I did not download anything or add any apps so I have no idea why or where this occurred. My phone would show the error at times and other times it would actually come on and I could make/receive calls. I took my phone to T-Mobile this morning to see if they could fix it. They did something that appears to have wiped the fact that I even have a phone from my google account. I can't get my phone to come start now. I need to know if there is some way to fix this. I have many business contacts stored in my phone and I'm afraid that they might be lost now. I also have T-Mobile's insurance on my phone, in case that information is needed to assist with this.