Windows 10 updates and Windows Insider Program


    This is a copy of an email sent to Alcatel about the OneTouch Fierce XL Windows 10 version. Please if any info available please reply.

    Thank you




    I just purchased the One Touch Fierce XL w/ Windows 10 the other day (T-Mobile). I have registered an Alcatel  account and would like some information.

    When will my phone be able to update to the production version of Windows 10 (10.0.10586.107) ?

    The version the phone was released with (10.0.10586.63) is very poor compared to 10.0.10586.107


    When will support for the Windows Insider Program be added since that seems to be the only way to receive updates ?

    I have always used Lumia / Microsoft phones and decided to give Alcatel a shot and maybe upgrading to the yet to be released Idol Pro 4 w/ Windows 10 (depending on how your product is supported with updates).


    Will there be a firmware update since Microsoft has none listed for it at all on their server using the Windows Device Recover Tool version 3.1.6 which was supposed to add support for the One Touch but it doesn't really. You have to do a few work-arounds and it doesn't even list a firmware version and the windows version is still 10.0.10586.63


    Thank you

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