Twice charged for taxes


    I got charged taxes and fees on shared plan and then again per each line.

    I see some complains for the same matter.

    I checked for estimated fed and state tax, which is way lower what I was billed based on my plan that includes twice fees.

    The PDF bill shows the same fees for shared plan and per each line later.


    I hadn't seen like that on my prev AT&T wireless bills

    Do I need to call for every bill to get it resolved?

    How I can get it fixed permanently?



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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Twice charged for taxes

        You're probably not getting charged twice.


        There's some taxes and fees that are charged at the account level, and some that are charged at the line level.  If you have complaints about the way you're being charged, your local tax collector's office and up is who you need to complain to.


        T-Force can probably help explain some of the taxes.  Contact them on Social Media - Contact Us

          • redelmo

            Re: Twice charged for taxes

            I see the same issue. If it inst charged twice it sure does look like its charged twice.


            Account level. $80 is taxed... which includes lines 1 and lines 2. right? Liens 3 and 4 are $10 each.

            Line 1 taxed

            Line 2 taxed

            Line 3 taxed

            Line 4 taxed


            So at least lines 1 and 2 is taxed twice.


            Ok I dont care how T-Mobile breaks it down but how come taxes are so high on my T-Mobile bill compared to my previous ATT?


            My ATT bill was much higher but yet the tax is about the same at $25, $26


            T-mobile taxes are roughly 25% and my ATT taxes were roughly 16.x%

            Per this website California is roughly 18% taxes.


            so this does not make sense.

              • smplyunprdctble

                Re: Twice charged for taxes

                There are account level taxes.

                Then there are line level taxes.


                If you look at your bill, the taxes on the lines should all be the same.  These are different than the taxes charged at the account level.  The taxes on the account are not covering lines one and two.


                Case in point is I have a single line.  I get charged the account level taxes and fees, and I get charged line level taxes and fees.


                I know there are some fees that AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon charge less for because it is a fee that is one amount for the company and spread across all the customers.  With T-Mobile having fewer customers throughout, the fee tends to be slightly higher.

                  • redelmo

                    Re: Twice charged for taxes

                    I kind of get what you are saying but I can't see how taxes and fees is a fix rate to be spread across all customers.

                    Sprint is smaller than T-Mobile right? So their taxes are 50%?

                    What about cricket wireless or virgin mobile? So small that taxes have to be 200% of the bill.


                    25% in taxes and fees is crazy!


                    Is it because people are not looking at their bill and don't care because its effectively lower than ATT or Verizon and just blindly pay?

                      • tidbits

                        Re: Twice charged for taxes

                        Some of them are County and state based in relation to usage.


                        T-mobile could have less customers but more usage in your area as to why some of those fees are higher.

                        • smplyunprdctble

                          Re: Twice charged for taxes

                          I didn't say all taxes are higher -- I said some fees.


                          Like the universal service fund fee (or whatever BS that is) -- for AT&T it may be $1/line and T-Mobile it may be $2/line.


                          You can look at your bill to see what each line item is.


                          The tax piece is probably lower from AT&T since your monthly bill is lower (assuming your AT&T bill was at the same location as your T-Mobile bill.  Some people move and forget to tell their wireless provider with everything being electronic and they continue to get charged the old rates).  The fees may be slightly higher because of the lower T-Mobile population to AT&T to spread across.


                          Or, some of the things T-Mobile outlines as a fee was padded into your AT&T bill.  Like maybe the $2.71 Regulatory Programs fee on my bill.  AT&T may just incorporate that as a $5 rate built into the plan dollars they charge and not "charge it separate" -- which means they'd be getting an extra $2.29 out of you. -- just a hypothetical.