Lg v10 phone calls with aux has echo for other caller


    I've never had this issue with any other phones. I used to have the iPhone 6s and it never did this. I've also tested other Android phones that friends and family members have and they don't have this problem.



    Why does the other caller hear there voice echoed back when using the aux cable in the car? I don't understand why I've only ever had this problem with this phone. I've also tried disabling noise suppression, clarity settings, volte, and switching tty to vco. None of these work.


    What is the issue? What should I do?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I did some looking for you mikeysax and I couldn't find any information about the aux cable causing the echo on this phone. I would try testing it without the cable to see if the echo continues. If it only happens with the cable, I would suggest testing another cable. You do want to also make sure there are not other audio devices (like a Bluetooth device) connected to your LG phone.