how can I get an activation code?


    I want to sign up for a pre paid plan. 

    I have an unlocked moto e phone, new unused sim but how can I get an activation code? 

    why would that be needed?

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      • theartiszan

        Re: how can I get an activation code?

        Only the SIM cards that were sold as prepaid activation kits that include time have activation codes that I am aware of. You can either stop by a store to activate it on a new prepaid account or purchase a SIM card activation kit for prepaid which will have instructions on activating online and a relevant code to activate it. A bare unused SIM card for post paid accounts will not have that information.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: how can I get an activation code?

          Hey gregd101, the fellas here have the right idea. Either calling in or heading to a retail store to activate your service would be the best bet. If you do need to call in, you can let the representative know you're wanting to activate a new prepaid plan and they can get this taken care of for you.


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