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    I've been with T-Mobile for 5 years and have 3 lines with them and never really had problems until recently. I got the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge this past July and noticed the phone was extremely hot all the time. I did research and changed my settings that seemed to help a little, but when the phone was charging, it would be very hot. Well 3 weeks in, the charger must have blown or something and the whole charging port and USB cable fried!! It was on top of the dresser away from anything, thank God, and I was using the original charger that came with the phone.

    I took the phone into a T-Mobile store, the store manager inspected everything and told me to turn the phone in under warranty. After a long process, and not having a phone at all for almost 2 weeks, since there weren't any loaner phones and my phone was out of stock, I finally got a "Refurbished" phone in the mail. Now, MONTHS later, I am getting hit with $400 out of warranty fee for physical damage to the phone! I would have NEVER sent it in for the warranty if I was even aware of this damage and even the store manager did not see any physical damage. They did send me a photo of the damage and it is a very small crack on the corner of the screen. Now, I honestly don't recall this damage on my phone but there is no way of proving that. For all I know, the phone cracked while in transit to the warehouse since the box they gave me was torn and I had to put extra tape on it. Either way, to my knowledge I did NOT do the damage, and I would have just paid the deductible to get a "New" phone under the insurance instead. The phone was defective to begin with and they're lucky it didn't fry in my hand or on my face!!!!

    Now my accounts are all suspended because I refuse to pay $400 for a tiny little crack under the screen that I did not do! No one in the store is capable of helping at all and the Customer Service Reps on the phone just say the same thing over and over again. I cannot get a hold of a supervisor and don't know what else to do. I feel like I am being scammed and not enough assistance is offered. My family and I have been loyal customers for years and am forced to look elsewhere for a new phone company. I still need to fight this fee because I will not have this sent to collections and messing up my credit for something that is not my fault!


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      • tmo_mike_c

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        Sorry about the rough experience you had marisuz! I want you to know, I'm not accusing you of damaging the phone, but if by some chance the phone was damaged by UPS, I'm sure they would have some escalation path to insure that the sender is not penalized for damages they caused. (Please don't quote me on this as I cannot speak for UPS or their policies) It's understandable if the store manager hadn't noticed a tiny crack. Our warehouse team, that receives the exchanges, will inspect the devices more thoroughly and probably noticed the crack.

          • e2k

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            tmo_mike_c wrote:


            ...if by some chance the phone was damaged by UPS, I'm sure they would have some escalation path to insure that the sender is not penalized for damages they caused. (Please don't quote me on this as I cannot speak for UPS or their policies)


            FYI, UPS's contract is with the shipper (i.e., the person that pays for the shipping). If a customer uses a preprinted label, they are not considered the shipper, and thus cannot file a claim with UPS. This is why (among other reasons) many of the regulars here on the forums suggest that the customer ship and insure devices on their own, rather than using the preprinted labels.

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            i total agreee with the same happen to me i send in  a phone that was running hot and when it was send tmboile claim it was damage and i wasnt the one that damage it and they trying to charge me 430 for a phone that not even brand new but refurished nobody have money to be  paying these high prices . i will never recommed this company to nobody it the worst.

            • monalisasmile25

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              DId you get any relief because ended up having to pay it just to keep the lines on.

              • elliefire99

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                I know it's far too late at this point, but it seems that T Mobile guarantees that there will be no out of warranty fee if you submit it in person at a store?


                From : In-store warranty exchange


                In-store condition check

                • A retail rep does a full review of the device prior to performing the exchange, to verify that the device meets the manufacture warranty.
                • With T-Mobile's in-store condition check, there are no surprise fees. Once the device is turned into the retail rep you won't receive any Non-Return fee or Out-of-Warranty fees.


                I don't know if they just mean that you have assurance that there will not be additional fees because a store rep checked for it, or if they actually guarantee that there will be no fees once submitted to the rep. Something to think about though.

                  • patches0726

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                    It doesn't matter at all. Mine was also inspected in store and now I'm also being charged for a Samsung device with a broken seal that is not caused by myself. All I got was a rude, attitude filled care manager. They're telling me to make Samsung pay for it.