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Official Free Data for Life discussion: Can my device get FDFL?


    Important customer update: As of May 7, 2017, Free Data for Life is no longer available for new activations. If you signed up for FDFL on or before May 6, 2017, you can keep it with your current tablet as long as you own and use your tablet with T-Mobile. For more information, read about Free Data for Life.


    If you're still on the same tablet, contact T-Mobile Customer Service and one of our reps will help you.


    Free Data for Life is available for eligible tablets that work on T-Mobile's network.


    If your tablet isn't receiving Free Data for Life, but you're on T-Mobile’s data network, we'd like to know. In order for us to add your tablet to our network, we need the first 8-digit portion of the tablet’s 15-digit IMEI number (the IMEI is a unique identifier for a mobile device). These first 8-digits are called a TAC (Type Allocation Code) and simply tells us the make and model of the tablet. And don't worry, no personal information is stored in a TAC.


    In the comment thread below, please provide:

    • The name of your tablet (such as ASUS Nexus 7 LTE, NVIDIA Shield, Apple iPad Air, etc.)
    • The TAC number (which is the first eight digits only) and
    • The FCC ID


    With this information, we'll first look up the TAC to make sure that it's indeed a tablet and eligible to receive Free Data for Life. Then we'll configure it to receive Free Data for Life! Plus, when you submit the TAC from your tablet, it'll allow all tablets like yours (make and model) to receive Free Data for Life should someone else decide to activate their tablet on our network.


    Thank you.

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