Problems canceling jump upgrade

    So i've been having a problem canceling my jump upgrade that i did in-store on a phone that they did not have in stock. i was trying to do a jump upgrade to the galaxy note 4 in store which i already knew they were out of stock on so they told me they could order one and have it shipped to my house online. so i took the representatives advice and did it was no problem. they told me it was backordered and would take 4-7 business days to ship but did not tell me that was on top of the 4-7 days ground shipping takes nor did they inform me that there was an overnight shipping when it became available which was also okay.

          well now store around my area are having more in stock. so i was told i could not do an upgrade in store til i canceled my online order that they did, they told me to call customer service so i did. very helpful so they said it can take 24-48 hours for the order to cancel. i told them that's okay and went through as requested well 2 days went past and still not canceled, called again on day 2 to see what was wrong they said it can take up to 72 now today is day 3 and still nothing called again and they had to put another request and said that one can take up to another 72 hours.  so now thanks to whatever is going on I've lost my opportunity to do the upgrade in store cause they are out of stock again and now this is the 7th day so my galaxy note 4 could of also shipped but due to them trying to cancel my order and not succeeding at it i'm stuck in the middle getting nothing and in a lose - lose situation now. luckily i did not shipped my trade in phone that day either. Can someone please help me get this resolved and get me the galaxy note 4 which i have so patiently been trying to get. please and thank you

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      • I called just a few moments ago to cancel my jump upgrade (iphone 6) and they informed me that since its a jump upgrade they could not cancel my order that I basically had one of two options 1) refuse shipment/ or send back phone and still get charged either way or 2) Remove money from the account that's per-authorized and when they go to charge my card and nothing is in there the order will automatically cancel itself. Its frustrating! Hope this helps you.