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    Audio issues on Cliq XT

      My Cliq is nearly two years old and I'll be upgrading in December, but for now I have a problem with sound. When I'm listening to music, making a call, or anything else with my earbuds in, I get full volume from the right "speaker" but little or no sound from the left. I have ruled out the earbuds because I had another set and the same thing happens with it. I can do a factory reset, but if this is physically a problem with the device, then a factory reset won't do any good and I will just be frustrated having to reinstall everything. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it hardware or software?

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          I also have a Motorola CLIQ XT, just a little over 1 year old, and recently I've noticed that the only way I can hear anyone during a call, is if I use  my speakerphone!! This is just a recent thing, however, I'm heading to T-Mobile now to upgrade because I'm also have serious issues with the massivebattery drain and it shuts itself off several times a day, even when it's not being used. If they give me any advice, I'll post it when I return.