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    More related to MLB At Bat


      I see that the question has been posed and answered: Is T-Mobile going to again offer MLB At Bat as a free promotional item? The answer is: Not yet, if ever, but keep checking. My question now is: What is the URL of the T-Mobile web site where promotions, such as a free app, are announced?

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          Hi dontcallitpink! It's definitely important to stay up to date on the latest announcements! Keep your eyes peeled at http://newsroom.t-mobile.com for latest announcements!



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            Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep my eye on the News there, though I notice that there are no app promotions at all this year on that site.

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              Hi dontcallitpink!

              That is correct at this time there are not any application promotions out there, but keep an eye on the link previously provided as its a great way to keep up on all of T-Mobiles latest.

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                UPDATE: As the official sponsor of Major League Baseball, we will be offering MLB At Bat 14 to our customers for free starting May 1 through the entire regular season! With our unlimited data and nationwide 4G LTE, you can enjoy all the great features MLB’s At Bat has to offer! http://wap.mlb.com/atbat

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                  Thanks for sticking with this issue and posting the resolution. It is especially nice that the resolution is exactly what TMO's interested customers wanted to hear!

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                    MLB At Bat 14 appears to now be available free for T-Mobile customers.  Try streaming a game and it should offer the option to "Redeem Free At Bat".  It also says, "Thank you for being a T-Mobile customer.  Enjoy a full-season of At Bat  2014 on us."

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                      I used MLB At Bat last year, and it was still on my phone. Last night I discovered exactly what you described.The full features became available after I logged in, via the app, using the MLB At Bat email address and password that I used when I first registered with the app last year. For those downloading At Bat for the first time, I assume the app will recognize your T-Mobile service and will give you the opportunity to register or log in, just as soxfan92 and I did.

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                        OK -  Went to the MLB site but see no place fr TM customers to sign up.

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                          If you go to mlb.com, at the very top of the page, near the right side, there should be a "Register" link. From there you can create a free mlb.com account, but you might also be able to do it from the At Bat app directly. Use the same email address for mlb.com as you use for your T-Mobile account. After you register on the mlb.com web site (or before), go into your Android phone's Settings -> Manage Apps, select At Bat, then click the "Force Close" button. After you have registered at mlb.com and then reopened At Bat, click on any Premium feature in At Bat to summon the invitation to buy the premium app. On that screen, you should see the option to login to your free At Bat upgrade. [If you're on an iPhone or iPad, the instructions will vary.]

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                            Worked for me!

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                              Since the season started a month ago, I purchased the app back then.  Is there anyway I can get a refund for my purchase since TMO is offering this deal a month late?


                              Thank you.

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                                I'm going to type this response very quietly, so as not to disturb you while you are dreaming.


                                TMO isn't really offering this deal "a month late". There is surely some special deal between MLB and TMO in which MLB gets to snare the most enthusiastic fans who will use the app the most and thus increase MLB's server costs the most. Then when the market for new users dies down, one month after the baseball season has begun, when the app has diminished market value, it becomes a free gift. I bought my first TMO phone in late May 2013, and I spotted this promotion from TMO. I didn't even know the app existed, and was thrilled to find it and get its full function for free. When the 2014 season began, I started searching and inquiring about another MLB/TMO promotion and, sure enough, here it is. Remember this. Resist temptation for the first month. If TMO continues to be a "corporate partner" with MLB, next May 1 we'll get this same offer again.


                                But a refund for those who bought the app without knowing the promotion is coming? TMO doesn't have your $19.99, so you'll have to talk to MLB. That should be an easy conversation, I am sure.

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                                  Remember that T-Mobile doesn't have to give this app to you for free. If you don't like it you can protest be not downloading it. Maybe if you switch to another provider you will enjoy paying higher monthly rates and no freebies.

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                                    Nothing to protest.  I was just asking a simple question.  Thank you for

                                    your worthless response.

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