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    Introduce yourself


      I want to welcome you all to the new Samsung Behold II discussion topic area.  Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Behold II owners.  This way we can reconnect with previous forum users and get to know new members alike.


      In addition, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share regarding our new Community, please feel free to stop by our Feedback topic area.


      Welcome again and enjoy your stay!

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          Hi Tim, My name is Glen.


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            Hi there gcrabtree.  Thanks for joining up!

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              I would like to introduce myself as a Behold II owner. I have been with T mobile for almost 4 years now and have no complaints about there service. However I do have a lot of issues with my Samsung Behold II phone. My being technical has probably helped me alot when it came to me having problems with my phone. I thought taking the battery out, and having to do a master reset on the handset every three months was a common feature and something I had gotten used too. I have had my phone for just under 2 years and I can not wait to get rid of it. When I talk to co-workers about their handsets find out that disappearing or app's that no longer work after you re-boot your phone (which I do daily) is almost unheard of. If I was to call customer care on my phone I would have to turn off my phone and take the battery out because the screen won't lock. The other complaint is that the phone was released with a promise of 2.1 eventually being put on the phone, unfortunately it only got 1.6 which is an improvement over the Cliq XT (which is another story). While this didn't seem a huge deal for me at the time it has become more apparent that I need an newer operating system, since App's that I currently use are being updated and being outdated for my OS. Trying to get T Mobile to understand that getting a decent handset would ultimately  result in me having the App problem again a year and ahlf from now (I now it's inevitable since this industry much like the computer industry is constanly changing). It still doesn't stop it from being frustrating. It would be nice to have a handset that doesn't lock up, lose App's, decides not to charge, or randomly shutsdown. Other than that I have no issues with service or anything else T Mobile does, it's primarily a Samsung issue which is not T Mobiles fault.

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                You have the same problem experienced by virtually every behold owner that I've spoken to. For instance I've repeatedly complained about the phone to TM reps and so have many others. This phone has been out for about two years so I suppose TM is very well aware of the problems and has not done nothing to help. The root cause may be Sumsung's fault but we are TM's customers. That TM will not stand behind their customers and exert pressure on Sumsung to update or upgrade the phone is the reason I will try my best to avoid TM after I give up this phone.


                This phone is the A to Z of every issue that I've had to call TM on...

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                  Please understand (and I believe you do), that most of the phone's issues are the OS 1.6 it had a lot of problems (thus the upgrade to 2.1). There have been several arguments whether the OS was capable of running on the hardware or Samsung's software running on the overlay of the OS. (I believe the winner was the Samsung software version on the phone being too much for the hardware) (again a Samsung excuses since they were releasing a new phone at the time)

                  There have been some successful rooting of the phone and allowing a custom ROM without Samsungs overlay that would give this phone a complete make over and all the problems would go away. I am not that experienced with rooting my phone and have tried and only running into complications doing so. So the only thing I can see getting upset with T Mobile about is why are they still selling this phone? And why does it cost 3/4 of a 4G phone? Instead of paying the $169.00 (upgrade price for me right now) for this device, and just pay an extra $40.00 and get 10 times the phone....

                  They shouldn't be giving away this phone for free let alone charging someone to buy it!

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                    I am a Samsung Behold II owner. I've already exchanged a Behold II for this one when my last one mysteriously shut off and wouldn't turn on. Now my current phone will not turn on. Not exactly a good situation when I don't have a landline... and I can't call TMobile to complain.  I have not been pleased with this phone at all, and I am extremely angry at this point.

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                      hi im marian glad to be here iam new

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                        i m new bie