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    Message alerts not repeating

      Alert tones on T-Mobile myTouch from LG do not repeat.  If I miss a call or get a text message I get alerted once.  That's it!!  So, if I don't hear it the first time I have no way on knowing.  I've gone through the manual and all the phone settings and don't see how to change this. 


      I've had pretty much every brand out there through T-Mobile and all all phones have had this feature.  It only makes sense.


      Any info?


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          You have all the info.

          There is no persistent audio alert function in android for missed calls or SMS. Only notifications in the notifications bar. And I'm fairly confident most people would hate this feature and disable it anyways. It would be nothing but a drain on the battery if everytime the phone needed your attention it chirped at you. In a meeting, while sleeping...
          For hours and hours on end.

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            Thank you.  But, I disagree.  All other phones, motorola, HTC, etc. have it.  It is a setting that you can enable, disable or configure to alert for a certain amount of time.  Otherwise, if you miss the initial alert you have no idea you missed a call or message.

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              I'm not familiar with any Android device that has this option - which phones, specifically, are you referring too?

              Also, have you looked into using an app for this feature? There are plenty out there [primarily because the stock option is not available]

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                Hi prettypsych,

                     As manik mentioned, this is not typically a feature your find in Android phones. Check out the Google Play Store for apps that will do exactly what you are wanting your phone to do.

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                  Thanks. I found several apps that can do this. But only found one that repeats missed call and message notifications. Most other apps do one or the other. The one I found that does both is called Missed Call Reminder from Andromax Development and it is free.  Just FYI for anyone else that is looking...

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                    I gotta agree with PrettyPsych.  I don't like to carry my phone around with me all the time, especially at my house or at friends homes (I empty my pockets and put the phone with my car keys so I don't forget it.).  If I'm in another room, put headphones on, go outside briefly or even if I ignore a call, I want a reminder that there's something out there.   If I want silence, as in a meeting or sleeping, I turn the phone off anyway, so I don't get the initial ring nor annoying repeats.  Would be nice to have this as an OPTION on any phone, with the ability to turn it off if you don't want it.   I've downloaded the app that PrettyPsych recommends above, it works like a charm.  And it has MANY settings to define the frequency, duration and tone of reminders.  Good stuff - should be built into the android, as it was in my previous phone.