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    No Sim

      Due to a failed Bio Flash that was recommended by Dell my mini10 became a brick. After calling customer service Dell was kind enough to repair my mini 10 I recieved it back about a week ago since then I have not used or did I need to use the broadband feature. When I did try to use it it says No Sim. Trying to get thru to T-Mobile support is like pulling teeth. Then again the question becomes who is responcible T-Mobile or Dell. Any suggestions will be appricated

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          I think I can answer this.

          Dell is responsible for the hardware, T-Mobile is responsible for your connectivity to T-Mobile and billing.


          With respect to your repaired netbook, did they return it with a SIM card?

          If they did not return the SIM card I would recommend contacting T-Mobile to have them send you a new SIM card, when you get it write down the 890 ..... number written upon the card....you can install it and contact T-Mobile to do a SIM swap (transfer the data of your old SIM into the new SIM)


          that should work

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            i picked up my phone to use it today and it says 'no SIM card'. i know it has one because i bought it a few months ago. this is the first time it has said this and i don't know how to fix it.