Premium Text Message Refund Program

    Learn about the Premium Text Message Refund Program (sometimes referred to as the T-Mobile Premium SMS Refund Program). For your convenience, we sometimes allowed third-party companies to bill your purchases directly to your T-Mobile account. For the most part, this worked great in keeping everything in one bill. But, when our customers became frustrated with the practices of some of these third-party companies, we needed to make it right.


    If you incurred unauthorized premium text message charges in the past, and you haven't already received a refund, you should have received a communication from us between late July and September with instructions on how to file a claim for a refund. A special website has been created——to help make this process as easy as possible. We encourage you to visit the website to review the claim process or to find answers to many questions you might have on the program.


    For verification purposes, you'll be asked to provide some basic information, including:


    • Name of the account holder on the T-Mobile bill
    • Billing address
    • Account number (for postpaid accounts). You can find your account number in the upper-right corner of your bill, or within the notification you may have received in the mail or email.
    • Start date and end date
      • If you can't remember dates, make an estimate.
      • If you're a current T-Mobile customer, you can use today’s date as the end date.



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