Wipe cache partition using hardware keys: LG G2

    The LG G2 is unable to access boot recovery to wipe cache.





    The wipe cache partition option is not mapped to a hard key combination for the G2.  However, devices that have 4.2.2 android version and above have the option to wipe all app cache from the Storage menu.


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    To wipe all app cache, follow these steps:


    1. From the home screen, tap Apps.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap General tab.
    4. Tap Storage.
    5. Wait for menu options to finish calculating.
    6. Tap Cached data, then OK.
    7. Wait for the Cached data to clear; depending on size it will take several seconds to complete. When complete the storage screen will refresh and cached data will not be listed.

    Note: When you enter Storage again, Cached data will appear. Your Cached data has been successfully cleared.