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Learn how to check the software version and see official versions for the T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot. Find out more on this page:


Beginning December 19, the T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot receives a a software update to BD_MF61V1.0.0B14. This update provides features and improvements:

New features

  • Current version: BD_MF61V1.0.0B14
    Approved 11/4/2011

  • Past versions:
    • BD_MF61V1.0.0B13
    • BD_MF61V1.0.0B07


  • Data connectivity restored when coming out of sleep mode
  • Resolved blank Mobile Number field in the admin page


Software version

Software update: Automatic (OTA)

Software update: Download



Software version

Check the software version

To check the current software version, follow these steps:


  1. Connect your computer to your Mobile Hotspot via Wi-Fi.
  2. On your computer, double-click the T-Mobile Hotspot Admin icon on your desktop or open a browser window and enter http://mobile.hotspot/.
  3. Enter your administrator password and click Login.
    • Note: The default administrator password is “admin”.
  4. Click Run Diagnostics Tests.
  5. After the test finishes, click View details.
  6. View the Firmware and Hardware.
  7. Read the version on the phone, and check it below:


Software versionStatus


Your software is up to date. There are no updates available.


This document will be updated if and when new software is available.



Your phone can update to software version [version number]:

If the update fails, see: Software update troubleshooting.

Other versions

Your phone has non-T-Mobile software, and it is unsupported. The manufacturer and T-Mobile cannot update your software.


See: Rooted device identification and support.



Requirements to update

To be able to update to the current software version, the below requirements must be met:

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 15-20 minutes for installation


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Software update: Download

Download and install software update

You can download and install the software update:

From a computer



Update software from a computer

To download updates for your phone and install them using a computer, follow these steps:


  1. Make sure you have an Internet connection.
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Find the Mobile HotSpot and click the get software button.
  4. Download the file.
    Note: There are Mac and Windows files. The customer will need to select the appropriate file.
  5. Connect the Mobile HotSpot to a computer using the USB cable that came in the box with the device.
  6. Open the file.
    • In Windows, if prompted to allow the program access, click Allow.
  7. Click Agree.
  8. Click Continue.
    Mobile Hotspot_utility.png
  9. Click Start Update.
    Mobile HotSpot_Utility_2.png
  10. Do not unlplug the Mobile HotSpot and allow the update to complete.
    Mobile Hotspot Utility_3.pngMobile HotSpot Utility_4.png
  11. When the "Update Successfully!" message is displayed, click OK.
    Mobile HotSpot Utility_5.png



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