Phone gets warm: Nokia Lumia 810


You may experience the phone getting warm when in use or the battery life is shorter than expected.





The Nokia Lumia might get hot when multitasking, charging or having several applications running in the background simultaneously. To prevent from overheating, the phone might start closing applications and background tasks and in rare cases eventually the phone will be switched off.


The Nokia Lumia has a built-in thermal control system to monitor and control the phone temperatures. To prevent overheating, the phone might start lowering display brightness, data connection speed, pausing charging or closing applications in the background. This is common for most high-end modern smartphones, and the phone will cool off soon again.





  1. Close open applications such as HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and other apps.
    1. Remove the phone from the charger
    2. Turn off unneeded applications running in the background:
    3. From the home screen, swipe left to Applications.
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Swipe left to Applications settings.
    6. Tap Background Tasks.
  2. Turn on battery saver (Settings > Battery Saver)