Icons indicators & buttons: T-Mobile myTouch 4G

Learn how to read icons, status lights, and the IMEI of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. Find out more on this page:





Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI)

Status lights




To find buttons and what they do, refer to the following:


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Display screen icons

To understand what icons and indicators on the display screen mean, refer to the following:


Display Screen Icons / Indicators


Phone status icons
      These    are the icons that may appear on the phone status area of the status bar.


GPRS mobile network connected

GPRS In Use.png

GPRS in use


EDGE mobile network connected

Edge In Use.png

EDGE in use


High speed HSPA or HSPA+ connected (3G and 4G)

H In Use.png

High speed HSPA or HSPA+ in use (3G and 4G)

H Incoming.png

High speed HSPA or HSPA+ incoming (3G and 4G)

H Outgoing.png

High speed HSPA or HSPA+ outgoing (3G and 4G)

Wifi Network Connected.png

Wi-Fi network connected

Signal Strength.png

Signal strength

Bluetooth On.png

Bluetooth on

Bluetooth Connected.png

Bluetooth device connected

Airplane Mode.png

Airplane mode


Alarm set


Speakerphone on



No Signal.png

No signal

SIM Card Error.png

No SIM card installed


Vibrate mode

Phone Mute.png

Phone microphone on mute

Low Battery 10%.png

Battery low (10% remaining)

Low Battery 20%.png

Battery low (20% remaining)

Battery Partially Drained.png

Battery partially drained

Battery Full.png

Battery full

Battery Charging.png

Battery charging (animated)

GPS On.png

GPS on

GPS On.png

Location data receiving from GPS

Notification icons
      These are the icons that may appear on the notifications area of the status bar.

New Gmail.png

New Gmail message

New Text.png

New text message or picture message

Problem With Message.png

Problem with text message or picture message delivery

New Google Talk.png

New Google Talk™ instant message


New voicemail

Upcoming Event.png

Upcoming event


Phone connected via USB cable

SC Card Full.png

SD card full

Wireless Networks Available.png

Wi-Fi on and wireless networks available

Problem with sync.png

Problem with sign-in or sync

Data Sync.png

Data synchronizing or connected to HTC Sync


Application update available

System Update.png

System update available

More Notifications.png

More notifications not displayed


Call in progress

Call over Bluetooth.png

Call in progress using a Bluetooth headset

Missed Call.png

Missed call

Call on Hold.png

Call on hold

Call Forwarding On.png

Call forwarding on

Song in Play Mode.png

Song in play mode

Data Uploading.png

Data uploading

Data Downloading.png

Data downloading

Download Complete.png

Download complete



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To find the IMEI serial number of your device, follow these steps:


  1. Access the dialer by tapping the Phone icon.
  2. Dial *#06#
  3. The IMEI will display on the screen.



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Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI)

T-Mobile devices have an indicator that shows if it has been subjected to liquid damage. To read the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI), follow these steps:


  1. Remove the back cover and battery from your device.
  2. View the images to read the label:



Figure 1: White LDI (indicates no liquid damage)




Figure 2: Red LDI (indicates liquid damage)




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Status lights


We're sorry, your device doesn't support this feature.



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