Device Financing Agreement FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and e-Signature Authorizations on this page. For information on JUMP! on Demand, you can read about it here.



    How does EIP appear on my bill?

    The Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) initial down payment amount is billed to the credit or debit card you provided when you ordered your phone. The amount will not show on your bill because that charge was not billed to your T-Mobile account. The down payment can be viewed on the account statement used to pay the charge. If you paid in a T-Mobile store, you can also find the information on the store receipt. Your first installment is the initial down payment. Details can be found under the Other Charges section of your bill.



    Can I exceed my equipment credit line?

    Yes. If the purchase price is higher than the credit provided to you, your initial down payment will include the difference in price above this amount.



    Can I return items purchased on the EIP?

    Yes. Items purchased on the EIP can be returned following T-Mobile’s Return Policy.



    Can I cancel an order?

    If you don't want to proceed with the order, and you have not submitted your e-Signature Authorization, no action is needed. When the authorization expires, the order is automatically canceled, and you'll receive an email confirming your order was canceled.


    If you've already submitted your e-Signature Authorization, your order is being processed. When you receive the order, refuse the delivery or return the shipment to the following address:


    Return Center TX

    4500 Cambridge Rd

    Ste 100  Door 3

    Fort Worth, TX 76155



    Who do I call if I need help with my EIP purchase?

    • For help when adding a line, you can call 1-877-353-3614.
    • For purchases made on, please call 1-800-672-5390.



    What is an e-Signature? When is it required?

    Electronic Signature (e-Signature) is an electronic process associated with a contract, and it's used as the legal equivalent of a written signature. It allows consumers to conduct commerce electronically in a variety of ways. e-Signatures allow T-Mobile to efficiently offer Equipment Installment Plans to our customers while also promoting a paperless society.


    e-Signatures are required for orders that include an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) or if you signed up for JUMP! On Demand. These orders can be placed through, My T-Mobile, or over the phone through T-Mobile Customer Service. If you place an order through or My T-Mobile, you'll be required to sign electronically at the time of purchase. Orders placed over the phone or on a mobile device require an e-Signature Authorization delivered via email.

    Important: Your order isn't complete until you sign and complete your e-signature agreement.



    When should I expect the e-Signature Authorization email?

    When the order is submitted over the phone with Customer Service, or if you're shopping on your mobile device, the e-Signature Authorization is sent immediately to the email address you provided. If you experience significant delays in receiving the email, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.


    Once you receive the email, follow the instructions to complete the e-Signature process within 48 hours. If it's not completed within this time, your order will be canceled. After you complete the e-Signature process, you'll receive a copy of the signed EIP agreement.



    How can I view the EIP agreement?

    To view the EIP agreement, you'll need to make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer or tablet. You can download Adobe Reader for free.



    Why can’t I sign the EIP agreement on my mobile device?

    State laws prevent us from allowing you to review and sign your EIP agreement on a mobile device. But we’ve still made it easy to complete your final steps before purchase. Simply log on to a computer, open the email we've sent to you, and follow the steps.



    What if the e-Signature doesn’t work when I'm upgrading my phone?

    If you're upgrading through My T-Mobile and you get an error message, make sure the name or PIN you typed into the e-Signature field matches the name on your account or the PIN provided in the email.


    If you receive a message saying this function is not currently available, your order will not be placed. You can check back at a later time to resubmit your order online, or you can call Customer Service for assistance in upgrading your phone with EIP.


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