Menu tree: Samsung Galaxy S II

Find the settings you need in the Samsung Galaxy S II menu.




Table of contents

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On-a-call Screen

      Hold / Unhold icon

      Add call icon

      Keypad icon

      End call icon

      Speaker icon

      Mute icon

      Headset icon

      Menu key



            Noise reduction off




Any Home Screen


Home key (touch and hold)

          [List of recently visited applications]

          Task manager icon (pie chart)

              Active applications tab

              Downloaded tab




          Google search

          Trash can icon 

      Breadcrumbs (indicate which of the seven Home screens you are viewing)





      Menu key

            Add apps and widgets

            Create folder

            Set Wallpaper

                  Home screen

                  Lock screen

                  Home and lock screens


            Edit page

                  Remove or add Home screens



Phone icon

      (Keypad tab)

      Call icon

      Voicemail icon

      Messaging icon

      Menu key

            Speed dial setting

            Send message

            Call settings (The only path for accessing Call settings. Not accessible from Home screen > Menu key > Settings)

                    Call rejection

                    Set reject messages

                    Ringtones and keypad tones

                    Call alert

                    Answering / ending calls

                    Turn off screen during ca... (on/off)

                    Call accessories

                    Increase volume in pocket (on/off)

                    Call forwarding

                    Wi-Fi Calling (settings)

                    Wi-Fi Calling Slider (on/off)

                    Additional settings

                    Voicemail service

                    Voicemail settings (greyed out / inaccessible)



                    TTY mode

                    Hearing aids (on/off)

      (Logs tab)

      Menu key

            View by

            Call duration

            Call settings

      (Contacts tab)

      Add contact icon

      Search contacts

      Menu key


            Import / Export

                    Import from USB storage

                    Export to USB storage

                    Import from SD card

                    Export to SD card

                    Import from SIM card

                    Export to SIM card

                    Share namecard via

            Merge with Samsung

            Merge with Google


            Speed dial setting

            Send email

            Send message

            Contacts to display


      (Favorites tab)


      Frequently dialed

      Menu key

            Add to favorites

            Grid view


    (Groups tab) (To access, first tap the Contacts tab)

    [List of groups]

    Menu key



            Change order

            Delete groups




Internet icon

Messaging icon

Compose icon

List of messages/threads

Menu key


              Bubble style
              Background style
              Use the volume key (on/off)
              [General settings]
              Delete old messages (on/off)
              Text message limit
              Multimedia message limit

              Text templates
              [Text message (SMS) settings]
              Delivery reports (on/off)
              Manage SIM card messages
              Message center
              Input mode
              [Multimedia message (MMS) settings]

              Delivery reports (on/off)

              Read reports (on/off)

              Auto-retrieve (on/off)

              Roaming auto-retrieve (on/off)

              Creation mode

              MMS alert (on/off)

              [Push message settings]

              Push messages (on/off)

              Service loading

              [Notification settings]

              Notifications (on/off)

              Select ringtone

              Vibrate (on/off)

              Message alert repetition

              Preview message (on/off)

              [Emergency message settings]

              Emergency alerts

              Emergency notification preview

              [Signature settings]

              Add signature (on/off)

              Signature text

              [Spam message settings]

              Spam settings (on/off)

              Register number as spam

              Register phrase as spam

              Block unknown senders (on/off)

              Menu key

                    Restore default settings





Lighted Home key (physical key)

      Tap: Returns to Homescreen 4 (primary Home screen)

      Touch and hold: List of recently visited applications

                              Task manager (pie chart icon)

                              Google search

                              Delete icon


Lighted Menu key (physical key)

      Opens the Menu for the current screen


Lighted Back key (physical key)

      Returns to the previous screen or goes back one step


Lighted Search key (physical key)

      Tap: Opens Google Internet search

      Touch and hold: Opens Samsung Voice



Home Screen 1

    Weather widget


Home Screen 2

      411 & more shortcut


Home Screen 3

      Asphalt 6 shortcut

      Slacker shortcut


Home Screen 4 (primary Home screen)

      T-Mobile TV shortcut

      Media Hub shortcut

      Netflix shortcut

      Camera shortcut

      Telenav GPS shortcut

      Internet shortcut

      Email shortcut


Home Screen 5

      Bonus app widget

      Play Store shortcut

      T-Mobile My Account


Home Screen 6

      Mobile Hotspot shortcut

      Lookout security shortcut

      Calendar shortcut

      Pro apps shortcut


Home Screen 7




Settings (reached via Menu key from any Home screen)

      [Wireless and network]

  • Wi-Fi (settings)
    • Wi-Fi Switch (on/off)
    • List of available networks
    • Add Wi-Fi network
    • Scan
    • Wi-Fi Direct
    • Menu key
      • Advanced
        • Network notification (on/off)
        • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
      • MAC address
      • IP address
    • WPS push button
    • WPS PIN entry
  • Wi-Fi Switch (on/off)
  • Bluetooth (settings)
    • Bluetooth Switch (on/off)
    • Your device name. Tap to make discoverable/hidden. (*Bluetooth must be turned on*)
    • List of available devices
    • Scan (*Bluetooth must be turned on*)
    • Menu key
      • Rename device
      • Visibility time-out
        • 2 minutes
        • 5 minutes
        • 1 hour
        • Never time out
      • Received files
  • Bluetooth switch (on/off)
  • Data usage
    • Mobile data (on/off)
    • Set mobile data limit (on/off)
    • Data usage cycle (tap to change)
    • Graph
      • Data-used boundary bars (White) (*Touch and drag these bars to view the data used for a date range. Date range and data used values appear below the graph*)
      • Set data warning bar (Orange)
      • Set data limit bar (Red)
    • Upgrade data service
    • List of applications using data
    • Menu key
      • Data roaming (on/off)
      • Restrict background data (on/off)
      • Auto sync data (on/off)
      • Show Wi-Fi usage (on/off)
      • Mobile hotspots
  • More settings


    • Airplane mode (on/off)
    • USB utilities
      • USB mass storage
      • Connect storage to PC
    • Mobile networks
      • Mobile Data (on/off)
      • Data roaming (on/off)
      • Access Point Names
      • Network mode
        • GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode)
        • GSM only
        • WCDMA only
      • Network operators
        • Search now
        • Select automatically
        • Default setup
    • Tethering and Mobile HotSpot
      • Mobile Hotspot (settings)
        • Device name (tap to change connection mode)
        • Allowed devices
        • Configure
      • Mobile Hotspot switch (on/off)
      • USB tethering (on/off) (*Unavailable if the USB cable is not connected to user's computer*)
      • Help
    • VPN
      • Add VPN (*Security password must be enabled. User will be prompted to create one*)
      • [List of available VPN networks]
    • Wi-Fi calling (settings)
      • Connection preferences
        • Wi-Fi Preferred
        • Cellular Network Preferred
        • Never use Cellular Network
      • Help
    • Wi-Fi Calling switch (on/off)

              [File / data transfer]

    • NFC (Settings)
      • NFC Switch (on/off)
      • Android beam switch (on/off)
    • NFC Switch (on/off)
    • S Beam (settings)
    • S Beam Switch (on/off)

      [Media share]

    • Nearby Devices
      • File sharing (on/off)
      • Shared contents
      • Device name
      • Allowed devices list
      • Not-allowed devices list
      • Download to
      • Upload from other devices


    • Kies via Wi-Fi
      • Scan devices


  • Home screen mode
    • Basic mode
    • Easy mode
    • Cancel
    • Apply
  • Blocking mode  (settings) (*To adjust, blocking mode must be enabled*)


    • Disable incoming calls (on/off)
    • Disable notifications (on/off)
    • Disable alarm and timer (on/off)

              [Set  time]

    • Always (on/off)
    • From (set time)
    • To (set time)

              [Allowed  contacts]

    • Allowed contacts
    • Allowed contact list
  • Block mode switch  (on/off)
  • Sound
    • Volume
      • Music, video, games, and other media slider
      • Ringtone slider
      • Notifications slider
      • System slider
    • Vibration intensity

              [Ringtone and notifications]

    • Device ringtone
    • Device vibration
    • Default notifications
    • Vibrate when ringing (on/off)
    • Keytones (on/off)
    • Touch sounds (on/off)
    • Screen lock sound (on/off)
    • Haptic feedback (on/off)
  • Display      [General]
    • Wallpaper
      • Home screen
      • Lock screen
      • Home and lock screens


    • Brightness
      • Brightness level slider
    • Auto-rotate screen (on/off)
    • Screen timeout
    • Font style
    • Font size
      • Tiny
      • Small
      • Normal
      • Large
      • Huge

              [More settings]      

    • Touch key light duration
      • 1.5 seconds
      • 6 seconds
      • Always off
      • Always on
    • Display battery percentage (on/off)
    • Auto adjust screen tone (on/off)
  • Storage      [Device memory]
    • Total space
    • Applications
    • Available space

              [USB storage]

    • Usage bar graph
    • Total space
    • applications
    • pictures, videos
    • audio (music ringtones, p)
    • available space
    • format usb storage

              [SD card]      

    • Total space
    • Available space
    • Unmount SD card
    • Format SD card
  • Power saving mode settings      [Power saving mode settings]
    • CPU power saving (on/off)
    • Screen power saving (on/off)
    • Turn off haptic feedback

              [Power saving tips]

    • Learn about power saving mode
  • Power saving mode switch (on/off)
  • Battery
    • Refresh icon
    • % discharging/charging
    • Battery use graph (tap for expanded view)
    • List of applications using battery power
  • Application manager
    • Downloaded screen
    • On SD card screen (*swipe left to access*)
    • Running screen (*swipe left to access*)
    • All tab (*swipe left to access*)
    • Menu key
      • Sort by size
      • Reset app preferences


  • Location services
    • Ue wireless networks (on/off)
    • Use GPS satellites (on/off)
    • Location and Google search (on/off)
  • Lock screen
    • Screen lock
      • Swipe
      • Motion
      • Pattern
      • PIN
      • Password
      • None
    • Lock screen options
    • owner information
  • Security


    • Encrypt device
    • Encrypt external SD card

              [SIM card lock]

    • Set up SIM card lock
      • Lock SIM card (on/off)
      • Change SIM PIN


    • Make passwords visible (on/off)

[Device administration]

    • Device administrators
    • Unknown sources (on/off)

[Credential storage]

    • Trusted credentials
    • Install from device storage
    • Clear credentials
  • Language and input
    • Language
      • Deutsch
      • English
      • Espanol
      • Francais
      • Italiano
      • Korean

              [Keyboards and input methods]

    • Default
      • Samsung keyboard
      • Swype
      • Set up  input methods
    • Google voice typing (on/off)
    • Google voice typing (settings icon)
      • Choose input languages
      • Block offensive words (on/off)
      • Download offline speech recognition
    • Samsung keyboard (on/off) (*Greyed out / unavailable*)
    • Samsung keyboard (settings icon)
      • Portrait keyboard types
        • Qwerty keyboard
        • 3x4 keyboard
      • Input language
        • Use system language (on/off)

                              [Select language]

        • English (US)
        • Deutsch
        • Espanol
        • Francais
        • Italiano
        • Korean
      • Predictive text (settings)
        • Word completion (on/off0
        • word completion point
        • spell correction (on/off)
        • next word prediction (on/off)
        • auto-append (on/off)
        • auto-substitution (on/off)
        • Regional correction (on/off)
        • Recapture (on/off)
        • My word list
        • Auto substitution list
      • Predictive text switch (on/off)
      • Continuous input (on/off)
      • Voice input
      • Auto capitalization (on/off)
      • Auto-punctuate (on/off)
      • Character preview (on/off)
      • key tap vibration (on/off)
      • Key-tap sound (on/off)
      • Tutorial
      • Reset settings
    • Swype (on/off) (*Greyed out / unavailable*)
    • Swype (settings icon)
      • How to Swype
      • Gestures
      • Preferences

[Basic settings]

      • Vibrate on keypress (on/off)
      • Sound on keypress (on/off)
      • Show helpful tips (on/off)
      • [Advanced settings]
      • Auto-spacing (on/off)
      • Auto-capitalization (on/off)
      • Show complete trace (on/off)
      • Pop-up on keypress (on/off)
      • Next word prediction (on/off)
      • Reset Swype's dictionary
      • [About]
      • Version
    • Language options
    • Swype connect
    • personalizaton
    • Updates


    • Voice recognizer
    • Voice search
      • Language
      • Speech output
      • Block offensive words (on/off)
      • Hotword detection (on/off)
      • Download offline speech recognition
    • Text-to-speech output
      • Google Text-to-speech engine (tap to select)
      • Google text-to-speech engine (settings icon)
        • Language
        • Settings for Google text-to-speech
        • Install voice data
      • [General]
      • Speech rate
        • Very slow
        • Slow
        • Normal
        • Fast
        • Very fast
      • Listen to an example
      • Driving mode (settings)
        • Incoming call (on/off)
        • Message (on/off)
        • New emails (on/off)
        • New voicemail (on/off)
        • Alarm (on/off)
        • Schedule (on/off)
        • Unlock screen (on/off)
      • Driving mode switch (on/off)
    • [Mouse/trackpad]
    • Pointer speed
      • Pointer speed switch
  • Back up and reset    [Backup and restore]
    • Back up my data (on/off)
    • Backup account
    • Automatic restore (on/off)
    • Factory data reset
      • Reset device
    • Collect diagnostics
      • Allow diagnostics (on/off)
      • More info
      • Close


  • [***As accounts are  added, they are listed here. Tap an account listing to sync account data, edit account sync settings, view / edit account privacy settings, and remove the account.***]
  • Add account
    • Samsung account
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • LDAP
    • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Motion (settings)
    • Direct call (on/off)
    • Double tap to talk (on/off)
    • Tilt to zoom (on/off)
    • Pan to move icon (on/off)
    • Pan to browse images (on/off)
    • Shake to update (on/off)
    • Turn over to mute / pause (on/off)
    • Sensitivity settings
    • lean about motions
  • Motion switch (on/off)
  • Accessory


    • Dock sound (on/off)
    • Audio output mode (on/off)
    • Desk home screen display (on/off)
    • Audio output (HDMI)
    • Audio applications (on/off) (earphones)
  • Date and time
    • Automatic date and time (on/off)
    • Set date
    • Set time
    • Automatic time zone (on/off)
    • Select time zone
    • Use 24-hour format (on/off)
    • Select date format
  • Accessibility


    • Auto-rotate screen (on/off)
    • Screen timeout
    • Speak passwords (on/off)
    • Answering/ending calls
      • The home key answers (on/off)
      • The power key ends calls (on/off)
    • Accessibility shortcut (on/off)


    • Talkback


    • Font size
    • Text-to-speech output
    • Enhance web accessibility


    • Mono audio (on/off)
    • Turn off all sounds (on/off)


    • Tap and hold delay
      • Short
      • Medium
      • Long
  • Developer options
    • Desktop backup password
    • Stay awake (on/off)
    • Protect SD card (on/off)


    • USB debugging (on/off)
    • Allow mock locations (on/off)
    • Select app to be debugged
    • Wait for debugger (on/off)


    • Show touches (on/off)
    • Show pointer location (on/off)


    • Show layout boundaries (on/off)
    • Show GPU view updates (on/off)
    • Show screen updates (on/off)
    • Window animation scale
    • Transition animation scale
    • Animator duration scale
    • Disable hardware overl... (on/off)
    • Force GPU rendering (on/off)


    • Strict mode (on/off)
    • Show CPU usage (on/off)
    • GPU rendering profile (on/off)
    • Enable traces


    • Do not keep activities (on/off)
    • Limit background processes
    • Show all ANRs (on/off)
  • About device
    • Software update
    • Status
      • Battery status
      • Battery level
      • Network
      • Signal strength
      • Mobile network type
      • Service state
      • Roaming
      • Mobile network state
      • My phone number
      • IMEI
      • IMEISV
      • IP address
      • Wi-Fi MAC address
      • Bluetooth address
      • Serial number
      • Up time
      • Device status
    • Legal information
      • Open source licenses
      • Google legal
    • Model number
    • Android version
    • Baseband version
    • Kernel version
    • Build number


Apps icon (Reached from any Home screen)

Apps Screen 1


411 & More

411Directory Assistance

Current Weather


Sports Report

Recent searches



Asphalt 6






Menu key


Go to






Settings icon (for Camera, not Camcorder)

Edit shortcuts

Self portrait (on/off)


Shooting mode


Scene mode

Exposure value

Focus mode

Timer (on/off)


White balance



Auto contrast (on/off)

Guidelines (on/off)

Anti-shake (on/off)

GPS tag (on/off)

Shutter sound (on/off)

Image quality



    Memory card


Menu key

Edit shortcuts


Settings icon (For Camcorder, not Camera)

Edit shortcuts

Self recording (on/off)


Recording mode


Limitfor MMS



Exposure value



White balance


video quality



Menu key


Exposure value




White balance

Video quality





Alarm tab

World clock tab

Stopwatch tab

Timer tab

Desk clock tab



Internet downloads tab

Other downloads tab



Google Search

        Menu key


                    Google Now (on/off)


                    Phone search

                    Privacy and accounts



Google +



Lookout security



Media Hub



Mobile Hotspot


*App screen 2*

Music Hub

Music Player

All tab

Playlists tab

Albums tab

Artists tab

Music square tab (touch tab section and drag left)

Folders tab (touch tab section and drag left)

My Files

    All files

          extSdCard (if an external sd card is available)









Netflix (takes user to Play Store to download)



Play Books

Play Magazine

Play Movies & TV

Play Music

Play Store

Pro Apps (Web site)

Settings (see Settings section)


T-Mobile My Account



      Device Support


      T-Mobile FamilyWhere

T-Mobile Name ID

Get name ID

City & State Lookup


Add To Contacts (on/off)

Prompt Mode

Subscription Status


T-Mobile TV


TeleNav GPS




Mini diary

Voice command

Voice recorder

Video Player

Visual Voicemail

Voice Search

Voice talk


Swipe right on the screen

          email user name (tap to upload video)

          Add channels

          Channel feed


          [List of browsing categories]

Search icon

List of popular new videos

Menu key

Pair with YouTube TV



Sign out



    Channel feed content