Import contacts onto device: Windows Phone 8


    When switching to a new Windows Phone 8 device, you may want to import contacts to the device.




    To import contacts to your new Windows Phone 8 device, follow these steps depending on where your contacts are stored:


    Import contacts from a SIM card


    1. Put the SIM card containing your contacts into your new phone.
    2. From the Start screen, tap People.
    3. Tap More (...).
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Tap Import SIM contacts.
    6. Tap Import.
      Note: You can import contacts from a SIM card to a Windows Phone, but you can't save contacts from a Windows Phone to a SIM card.



    Import contacts from an online account


    If your contacts are stored in the cloud as part of an online service such as, Google, Microsoft Office 365, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn; set up that account on the new phone and your contacts will be imported automatically. See device How Tos for setting up an email account.


    If your contacts are part of an online service that isn't fully compatible with Windows Phone, you must first set up a Microsoft account. Then, transfer your contacts to the Microsoft account using the following steps:

    1. On your computer, go to
    2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
    3. In the upper-left corner, point to Outlook, click the arrow next to it, and then click People.
    4. Follow the instructions to add contacts to your account.
    5. For assistance, click the Settings icon, then click Help, and search for contacts.
    6. If additional assistance is needed, contact Microsoft.



    Import contacts from Outlook on a PC


    Note: To sync contacts from Microsoft Exchange (typically the case if you use Outlook at work), see your device How Tos for setting up an Exchange account.


    To sync contacts from Outlook without Exchange (typically the case if you use Outlook at home), you must add your Microsoft account to Outlook, then transfer your contacts from Outlook to the Microsoft account. Please see Microsoft support to Sync contacts and calendars from Outlook on my PC to my phone.