Share & stream media: LG Optimus F3

Learn how to share media to other devices from the LG Optimus F3. Find out more on this page:


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File Share

Turn on/off media sharing

To turn on or turn off media sharing with another device, follow these steps:


  1. From any Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Tap FileShare. Opening the application will automatically turn on media sharing.
    Note: When active, the FileShare icon (FileShare_on.jpg) will appear in the Notification bar.
  3. On another nearby LG device, access turn on the FileShare application.
  4. When multiple devices are active and within range, the Wi-Fi Direct icon (wifi_direct.jpg) will appear in the Notification bar.
    Note: From the FileShare menu, select and send or receive files directly.
  5. Tap the Back key on the main FileShare page to close the application and turn off media sharing.





We're sorry, but this feature is not available on this device.



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