Setup guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As millions have already learned, it’s quick and easy to setup your unlocked device to work on T-Mobile’s network. Most GSM phones, such as most phones from AT&T, will work in the T-Mobile network. Use these steps to set up an unlocked non-T-Mobile device. Read the Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer.


For Apple devices, see Setup guide for non-T-Mobile Apple device.



Check device compatibility



  • To work on T-Mobile's network, the device must be unlocked. To make sure your device will work with our network, see Unlock your mobile wireless device.
  • T-Mobile cannot assist customers with unlocking a device that came from any other carrier. T-Mobile recommends that you contact the carrier the device was originally sold on to request an unlock code.


To determine if a device is compatible with the T-Mobile network, follow these steps:


  1. Use the online compatibility checker to verify compatibility.
  2. If the checker shows "No match found," then check:
    • The device is GSM capable.
    • The device supports frequencies used by T-Mobile.
      Note: If uncertain of what frequencies your device supports, contact the device manufacturer.



Select the right SIM card

  1. T-Mobile sells the Trio-SIM, which supports all three SIM sizes. See: Buy a SIM card.
  2. See your user guide to determine what size SIM card your device needs.



Activate your line

If you are not currently a T-Mobile customer, and need help activating a line of service for your iPhone or iPad, choose a plan that is right for you, or Contact Us.



Internet & MMS settings


Internet and picture message (MMS) settings need to be configured for the T-Mobile network. To set up the Internet and MMS, follow these steps:


  1. Insert the activated SIM card, turn on the device, and test opening a web page. Some devices may automatically work.
  2. If internet does not work, follow steps in Generic T-Mobile data settings.
  3. If the generic settings did not work, search the Non T-Mobile space for documents and discussions to help.
  4. If data and MMS are still not working, contact the device manufacturer for instructions on how to enter the settings.
    Note: See the Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer.