Icons indicators & buttons: Nokia Lumia 925

Learn how to read icons, status lights, and the IMEI of the Nokia Lumia 925. Find out more on this page:




To find buttons and what they do, refer to the following:


Button Functions.png


Buttons 1.pngButtons 2.png

  1. Micro SIM holder
  2. Micro USB connector
  3. 3.5mm connector
  4. Front camera
  5. Proximity/light sensor
  6. Volume keys
  7. Power/lock key
  8. Camera key
  9. Back key
  10. Start key
  11. Search key
  12. Microphone
  13. Earpiece
  14. Camera flash
  15. Back camera
  16. Wireless charging connectors
  17. Speakerphone



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To understand what icons and indicators on the display screen mean, refer to the following:





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To find the IMEI serial number of your device, follow these steps:


  1. From the Start screen, touch the screen and slide left.
  2. Scroll down to and tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to and tap about.
  4. Tap more info.
  5. Review the IMEI information.



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Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI)

T-Mobile devices have an indicator that shows if it has been subjected to liquid damage. To read the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI), follow these steps:


  1. Insert the SIM door key (or a small bent paperclip) into the small hole in the SIM card tray until the tray is released.
    Open SIM tray.png
  2. Remove the SIM tray completely from the device.
  3. View the images to read the label:

    LDI white.JPG.jpg
    White LDI (indicates no liquid damage)

    LDI red II.JPG.jpg
    Pink or red LDI (indicates liquid damage)



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