Ringtones & notifications: Samsung t159

Learn how to set custom ringtones and notifications on the Samsung t159. Find out more on this page:


Set custom sounds





Set custom sounds


To change the notification sounds, follow these steps:


  1. From the Home screen, select Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Select Personalize.
  4. Scroll to select Sound profiles.
  5. Scroll and highlight the profile you would like to edit, press Options.
  6. Scroll to select Edit.
  7. Scroll to New messages.
  8. Select desired ringtone and press Back.
  9. Press Save.




To change the ringtone, follow these steps:


Ringtone for all calls

  1. From the Home screen, select Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Media.
  3. Scroll to and select Sounds.
  4. Scroll to and select Sounds again.
  5. Scroll to the desired desired folder and select the desired ringtone.
  6. Select Options.
  7. Scroll to and select Set as.
  8. Scroll to and select Ringtones.


Ringtone for calls from one contact

  1. From the Home screen, select Menu
  2. Scroll to select People.
  3. Select Contacts.
  4. Scroll to desired contact and press Options.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Scroll to Ringtone and select your desired ringtone.
  7. Press Options.
  8. Select Save.



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Transfer music or sounds to use

Some devices require you to transfer music, sounds, or other audio files to the device in a certain way for it to be used for ringtones and notifications. To transfer these files, follow these steps:


  1. On a computer, download the ringtone from T-Mobile.com.
  2. On your phone, you will receive a text message from T-Mobile.com and an alert will appear on the Home screen.
  3. Select View.
  4. Scroll to the link and press the OK key.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.



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