Simple Choice Plan FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Simple Choice™ Plan. (If you're looking for answers relating to the new Simple Choice Plan, please read the FAQs here.)



    What is the Simple Choice Plan?

    You can stay on your current plan, if you'd like. With the Simple Choice plan, you determine how much 4G data you want and how many lines you need. The Simple Choice plan starts with unlimited talk, text, and web (including up to 1 GB of high-speed data) on our advanced nationwide network, and it allows you to add as much extra high-speed data as you want. For more information, see T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan.



    Why are all T-Mobile plans unlimited?

    Our plans are unlimited because we want to ensure that you're not surprised on your bill with overage charges. We can look at past usage history to see if your current plan or the Simple Choice plan would be a better fit.



    Will I be forced to switch to a Simple Choice Plan?

    You may remain on your existing rate plan, but why not check out the Simple Choice Plan today.



    What are the Simple Choice with No Credit Check plans?

    Some of our Simple Choice plans do not require a credit check. For more information, shop our Simple Choice with No Credit Check plans and find one that works for you.



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