Battery life: BlackBerry Z10

Understanding the Issue



  • Battery drains too quickly
  • Battery life not as long as expected


Software version affected10.0.10.672;
Software version resolvedN/A
Issue typeIssue



Help & How to

What to expect

This issue has been improved in the latest software version.


Note: Battery life may temporarily decline following a software update due to database synchronization. This will correct itself after a few days when syncing is complete.


Resolution steps

To improve battery life:

  • Turn off wireless connections (Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi).
  • Disable high-speed internet (I.e. LTE, HSPA+) when not needed.
  • Lower backlight brightness and screen timeout.
  • Use the USB cable and charger included in the box, and not a 3rd party charger.
  • Charge the device to 100% before disconnecting
  • Charge using a wall outlet and not a PC
  • Adjust sync settings to either manual or sync less frequently
  • Disable BlackBerry Link from the device.
    Note: This disables syncing with BlackBerry Link over Wi-Fi and remote file sharing.
    1. From the main home screen, tap Settings.
    2. Tap BlackBerry Link.
    3. Tap the BlackBerry Link field to set it OFF.


For more information, see KB33669 - How to maximize battery life on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.



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