Low memory error: Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Understanding the Issue



  • Error: 'Low memory'


What happens and why


When unlocking your phone you may receive an error message stating low memory.




Help & How to

What to expect


  • This issue is being seen across all Windows Phone 8 devices, and we are working with Microsoft to identify root cause. Until we are able to identify root cause please complete the troubleshooting below.


Resolution steps


Move Files from phone to PC

  1. Connect the USB cable to your phone and then to your computer.
  2. On your computer, a pop-up window appears.
  3. Double click on Open device to view files using Windows Explorer.
  4. Double click on Phone to view the desired folders.
  5. Click and then drag and drop the desired folder or files from the phone to your computer desktop or desired computer location.


Clear memory regularly

Clear the memory at least once a week:

Note: Refer to your user manual for instructions.

  • Delete the call logs.
  • Delete unnecessary text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS).
  • Clear the browser cache, cookies, or history.
  • Manage applications. See section below.
  • Check the available internal device memory. It must be over 25 MB. If it is less, the Windows system cannot work properly. You must clear more memory and delete more apps.


Set the device to manage some memory

Prevent the memory from being filled as quickly:

  • Windows Mobile devices set the text message limit to delete messages automatically.
  • Change the setting for email synchronization to download only for the past three days.


If the low memory message continues after the steps above, please complete a master reset of the device.