Error: 'Memory Full' during normal use: Nokia® 5230 Nuron

Understanding the Issue

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  • Error: 'Memory Full'


Youmay experience this error or phone software freezing, crashing, or reaction slowly during normal use.


  1. Verify the following:
    • If the issue is related to using Text / MMS Messages stored in the Messaging “Inbox,” “Drafts,” “Outbox,” “Sent Items,” and “Saved Messages” folders on the phone.
    • If the issue is related to using large quantity of Applications, where you have many applications installed that may be consuming most of the phone memory.
    • If there is a delay or no response when pressing any of the Phone keys/buttons.
    • If the issue is related to using a specific phone application (Messaging, Games, Music/Video playback, etc.) or occurs during any operation including “no usage in standby mode.”
    • That you are experiencing this issue in all geographic locations.
    • That you have not damaged the phone in any form.
  2. To check the available Free Phone Memory:
    • Go to and select Menu
    • Select Options
    • Select Memory Details
    • Select Phone Memory and the memory usage will be displayed, including the amount of free memory available
      Note: Free memory is recommended to be > 15MB. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  3. Try to download and install the MemoryMaximizer (one word) application on the device to re-configure the memory allocation and allow more memory space to be available for phone processing needs.
    Note: The MemoryMaximizer application is free. You only need to install the application and no other actions are needed.


Resolution Steps

Steps to install MemoryMaximizer


  • Via Software update
  • Via Ovi Store


Data plan needed for these steps:

Important: An data plan is needed to access the Software Update server. Your data usage is not affected by installing this application.


  1. Go to and select Menu
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Start update
  4. Follow the prompt to connect and check for available updates
  5. Select the checkbox for MemoryMaximizer for Nokia 5230 Nuron 1.0 in the list displayed
  6. Press OK if you receive the “Phone software must be updated separately” message
  7. Select Options > Start Update
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation



No data plan needed for these steps:

Alternate option, if you do not have a data plan


The “MemoryMaximizer” application is available on Ovi Store. No data plan is needed to access and download from the Ovi Store on the device.


  1. Go to and select Menu
  2. Select Store
    • The Ovi Store will open and take you to the “Recommended” category by default.
  3. Make sure you are on the Recommended category section.
  4. Enter “MemoryMaximizer” in the search window.
  5. Select Search.
  6. Select the “MemoryMaximizer” application in the list.
    • Follow the on screen options to download & install the application.


Clear Web Browser Cache and / or delete texts and/ or move files


Please clear the Web Browser Cache on the phone, delete any unwanted Text / MMS messages, move any Files to the memory card, to allow more memory space to be available for phone processing needs.


To clear the Web Browser Cache:


  1. Go to and select Menu
  2. Select Internet
  3. Select Web
  4. Select Clear Privacy Data
  5. Select Cache to clear the Web Browser cache memory


To delete Text / MMS messages:


  1. Go to and select Menu
  2. Select Messaging
  3. Select any folder that contains messages (e.g. “Inbox”, “Drafts”, “Outbox”, “Sent Items” and “Saved Messages”), and proceed to delete any messages as needed


To move Files to the memory card:


  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  2. Tap Gallery.
  3. Tap Images & videos.
  4. Tap the file you want to move.
  5. Tap Options.
  6. Scroll down and tap Organize.
  7. Tap Move.
  8. Tap Memory card.
  9. Tap OK.


If all fails, please perform a Full Master Reset


  • Power off the device (this next step is easier if the device is placed on a flat surface).   
    • Remove and replace the battery if necessary.
  • Place the phone on a flat surface to easily be able to press the Send, End and Camera button with one hand.
  • With the other hand press the Power button until the phone vibrates.
  • Release the Power button.
  • When the Nokia logo goes away you can let go of remaining buttons.