SIM Card exhaustion troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot problems with SIM card exhaustion. Older SIM cards (from 2010 and earlier) may have registration problems due to SIM card exhaustion. Older SIM cards have a limit on the amount of times a SIM card can register on the network. Once the limited has been reached, the SIM card can no longer register on our network.


    You may notice the following symptoms:


    • Device cannot register to T-Mobile network at anytime and at any location.
    • When performing a network selection, the device finds the T-Mobile network, but cannot connect. If the device does not find any networks, it is not SIM card exhaustion.
    • Device will display the following errors when trying to connect to the network:
      • 'Network Not Allowed'
      • 'Network Not Found'
      • 'Your SIM Card does not allow connection'



    To troubleshoot problems with SIM card exhaustion, check out the Calling troubleshooting in T-Mobile Support.


    If the above steps did not resolve the problem, contact T-Mobile Customer Service.



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